What’s different this time?

I feel like my brain has gone on hiatus for the past few months (haven’t been working, haven’t been doing much other than being pregnant and entertaining a toddler, so you can see how the brain hiatus thing can happen…). Anyway, I haven’t been too good about blogging. Max has continued hitting lots of milestones, but they are less “marked” than the baby milestones that made interesting blog fodder last year at this time. Instead of documenting crawling and cruising, it’s little advances like using two and three-word sentences, helping put on his shoes, sitting on his “bobby” (potty), etc. He’s quite the chatterbox lately!

I will be 37 weeks pregnant on Tuesday, which is considered “full term,” which I guess means the baby could decide to make her appearance anytime. In the spirit of preparedness, I finally started throwing together a bag for the hospital last night. I had a HUGE list of stuff to pack when I was getting ready for Max’s arrival. It’s a shorter list this time, but I replaced some of the necessary “stuff” with other things that I didn’t know about the first time around.

What didn’t make the list this time:

Books and magazines – It was laughable to me that I packed reading material last time. Not only did I not have time to read anything but maybe Facebook statuses for about 6 months after Max’s arrival, but if I did actually have any free time, it was fully devoted to trying to catch up on sleep.

Camera – I’m pretty sure we’re just going to use our IPhones to take pics. Sad to say, the camera we used to document Max’s entry into the world went the way of most of the “nice things” we had Before Kids: A can of baby formula exploded all over it in our luggage last Thanksgiving, and it has taken pretty iffy photos since then.

Boppy/breastfeeding pillow – Um, any pillow will work for this. I have never found the Boppy magical or indispensible. I know many moms would disagree, but this is not on my “must haves for baby” list.

Underwear from home – This may be TMI, but let it be known: There is no WAY you will want to put on underwear from home postpartum, unless you plan to throw it out later. The hospital has these lovely mesh panties, which you WILL want to load up with a pad the size of a barge and a giant ice pack. This will continue for several days, after which you MIGHT be able to stop using the ice pack. Maybe.

What I Added:

Yoga ball and baby sling/wrap – I had heard about using yoga balls for labor, but that didn’t seem necessary to me when I had Max (I was already in too much agony to move by the time we went to the hospital!). This time, I’m bringing one, along with a wrap and baby sling, but not for the labor part. See, Max screamed his entire first night. The only thing that soothed him was MAJOR rocking and/or bouncing. If you read my note about underwear above, you’ll understand that sitting up in a hospital bed, bouncing and rocking like a crazy person, is not the comfiest position following delivery. I was desperate for a rocking chair. Failing that, I think being able to attach the baby to myself and bounce gently on a yoga ball would be a huge improvement. Now watch, this baby will be entirely different and the yoga ball will just take up space. Eh, well.

Now, will I need the hospital bag in the next three weeks? Or will we be waiting four or five? Any guesses? 🙂

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One Response to What’s different this time?

  1. Dianne Morrison says:

    Sounds like you are ready! Jim and I did plan to come down when we hear the news of the arrival of your baby girl! We have tentatively set the date of the 28th to travel to North Carolina, unless we hear anything before that! Can not wait to see you, Max, and Casey too!!!! Our love goes out to you.

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