Sleep regression

Can there be a sleep regression when a child never really slept well to begin with?

Max answers that question with a resounding “yep!” (his second-favoriteword after “no” right now.) This has been going on for a few weeks off and on, but the last three nights have been especially horrendous. Last night and tonight, he took nearly two hours to fall asleep. We tried everything. In fact, I suppose we could be criticized for not being “consistent,” because we keep switching tactics. But we DID have a consistent bedtime routine that was working reasonably well for the past few months (well, Max was still not sleeping through the night, but he never really has…). Now, suddenly, he won’t go to sleep to begin with, and that was a bridge we thought we’d crossed ages ago. We’ve tried letting him cry (he ramps up instead of down, and can literally cry for hours). We tried cajoling him with bottles of water and books to read in bed (even though he is waaay too old to need a bottle at night). We sang songs and patted his back. We rocked and rocked and rocked on the glider (he dozes but wakes violently as soon as I get up to put him in bed). We’ve even tried just letting him get up and play again, but he really is TIRED and should/needs to sleep! The worst part is that hand-in-hand with the trouble falling asleep is trouble staying asleep. We go through all this at bedtime and still have the kid waking throughout the night and bouncing out of bed before the sun rises. It is really, really exhausting (especially when one parent is working full time and in grad school, and the other is nearly 8 months pregnant).

So that’s the sleep update. Well, on to something more fun. For me, anyway. Baby carrier nerdiness! (File this under “I hope the next one sleeps better!” because otherwise I will be too tired to have any need to wear the second baby. I will just lay on the floor of a childproofed room while the children run wild around me.) Anyway, I had slowly sold off almost all the wraps I had collected during Max’s first year. When I do wear Max, which is mostly out and about when he needs to be contained for safety and convenience, I was mainly using the DIY backpack-style carriers that I’d made recently. But those carriers aren’t appropriate for a newborn, and I really missed wrapping. There’s just something snuggly about it, and I love the versatility of have one pretty piece of cloth that can do it all. So I added up my PayPal money (collected from selling all the wraps from Max’s babyhood) and started shopping for wraps again. (Uh oh!)

So far, I have this ring sling. It is light and airy and best of all, girly!

And then just a FEW wraps…

A Didymos cotton indio called “ruby mandarin.” It is very thin and quite long (4.2m). Max has been a very patient tester for these new wraps. It’s more of a brick red than this orange-y picture shows.

Max tests our new-to-us Girasol Blue Lagoon (the thumb always ends up in the mouth when he is wrapped! So cozy!). A bit thicker and softer than the indio, and around the same length.

No “action shot,” but this is a very short wrap (2.5m) called a BBSlen in the color Passion Fruit, which is a nice neutral brown with orangey stripes. It is also on the thin side and short enough not to drag the ground when wrapping with it in a dirty parking lot.

Finally, we’re waiting on a medium-length (3.6m) Didymos natural linen indio wrap which was dyed green and yellow. It kinda looks tie-dyed :). These are supposed to be fairly thick and cushy for the wrapper and the baby. It looks like this:


So lots of fun colors and different lengths and thicknesses to try. Max is going to be used a guinea pig quite a bit, I fear. Well, I mean, if we’re all going to be up all night anyway…Sigh.

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