The happity haps

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a general update on what’s happening around here, so why not?

Max went to see an ENT specialist today. This is due to his frequent ear infections, which seem to be getting worse instead of better. Poor boy is allergic to penicillin (so basically, all the good meds), which makes it hard to treat the infections. Result of today’s visit is that he will be getting tubes in his ears to help with drainage. They fall out on their own after a year, so it isn’t a permanent solution, but hopefully his ears will outgrow their drainage problems by then.

I am 30 weeks along with Max’s little sister. She has a name now, but just like with Max, we are not telling anyone what we chose until she’s born. Better to avoid “helpful” comments like, “Oh, I had a dog named Max!” that might make us second-guess our decision. Once it’s on the birth certificate, we’re stuck with it :).

The fun thing about choosing a name is that I guess it kick-started my nesting instincts, and I’ve been planning (and actually executing) some nursery decorating. It’s a bit tricky because we currently don’t HAVE a nursery for this baby. But a cool part of building a brand-new house is that even though it isn’t done, we have access to it now, so we can go wander through the (framed and roofed!) structure whenever we want to get inspiration, and also to figure out where furniture will go. Much better than spending months leading up to closing, trying to remember room layouts based on one walk-through, as we did when we bought our first home. So I’m already envisioning her (admittedly small, boring, neutrally painted) nursery. It will need some livening up. I started by decorating wod wall letters spelling her name. Max has these, too, so their rooms will have some similar decorations. I also chose a bright fabric (Facebook friends helped me decide…not to go with any of my three initial choices! Ha ha!). I have already sewn a window valance (you know, a short fringe-y curtain that goes across the top of the window…why does no one know what a valance is 😛 ??). I’m going to buy matching full-length light-blocking curtains (too much advanced sewing for me, and cheaper to buy anyway). I also sewed a matching blanket for the crib (one side is patterned, the other is really soft minky. Max has one of these in his room colors, too). Then I had lots of leftover fabric, so today I got really experimental and sewed a matching, removable slipcover for the mei tai baby carrier that I’d made earlier. It turned out pretty good. I have plans to make a mobile in similar colors, and maybe use matching polka-dot decals in a few places on the walls. Yay for projects! (I’m going to enjoy doing them while I actually have time. I may not get a chance again until both kids start school!)

Oh, yeah, Casey updates… well, he continues to work waaay too hard, and is taking the second of two summer grad school classes, so I’m glad I’m not working outside the home this summer. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure our dog would never see any of us! He seems reasonably happy with his big work projects, and earned a “high pass” in his first summer session grad class, so that’s all good.

OK, enough updates for now. I’ll post some pics of my nursery craftiness when it is done (I know the four people who read the blog are waiting with bated breath for this!) Later!

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